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        Company Profile

        Established in 1997, Suzhou 3N Materials Technology Co., LTD. has been focusing on the research, development, production and sales of metal packaging coatings. Adhering to the core values of "integrity, professionalism and innovation" , after more than 20 years of independent R & D and Innovation, 3N has developed a number of food contact inner coating products that meet domestic and foreign food safety regulations and brand requirements, has a series of independent intellectual property rights of the technology patents, and developed into the first domestic research and development BPAni internal coating and the formation of mass production of one of the enterprises.
        As a private enterprise of packaging coatings, the 3N people are committed to developing green and environmentally friendly new products, winning the support and trust of customers, it has won many honors, including high-tech enterprises, the China canned industry science and Technology Innovation Award, research and development, production and application bases of coatings for food contact metal packaging, and famous trademarks of Suzhou, and successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system and a series of certification.

        Our 3N staff adhering to the core values of the "Integrity, Professional, Innovation” have developed many food contact coatings which comply with domestic and international food safety regulations and specific requirements from brands for over twenty years. 3N is also one of the first movers in China to develop and produce BPAni internal coatings and the products have won the trust of customers.
        Besides, 3N has been honored as High-tech Enterprise, Private science and technology enterprise and Enterprise technology center for metal packaging coating. And our coatings for easy open ends are identified as the SRDI (Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation) products.
        Established in Suzhou
        Launched Epoxy Products and Thinner 
        Achieved 1500mt per year
        Launched Organosol system 
        Capacity expansion to 4500mt per year
        Launched BPAni system for food cans and easy open ends
        Capacity Expansion to 8000mt per year
        Launched BPAni drum liner for edible oil 
        Listed in National equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code:873510)
        New plant put into operation with production capacity up to 40,000mt
        Contact us

        Tel:0512 65685273



        Address:No.1788,Yinzhongnan Road,Wuzhong

        District,Suzhou City ,Jiangsu Province,China

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